3 – Sculpture of Nydia

a black and white photograph of the sculpture "Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii" by Randolph Rogers, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

(image from metmuseum.org)

an example of encoding in MARC format for the sculpture “Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii” by Randolph Rogers, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Leader/05 Record status n
Leader/06 Type of record r
Leader/07 Bibliographic level m
Leader/17 Encoding level #
Leader/18 Descriptive cataloguing form i
008/00-05 Date entered on file 140424
008/06 Fixed length data elements – Type of date/Publication status m
008/07-10 Fixed length data elements – publication date 1853
008/11-14 Fixed length data elements – copyright date 1859
008/15-17 Fixed length data elements – place of publication, production, or execution it
008/23 Form of item #
008/28 Government publication #
008/33 Type of material a
008/35-37 Fixed length data elements – Language zxx
008/39 Fixed length data elements – cataloging source d
024 Other standard identifier 7_ 99.7.2 $2 local
040 Cataloging source – description conventions SU2 $c SU2
049 Local holdings SU2A
100 Artist 1_ Rogers, Randolph, $d 1825-1892, $e artist
245 Title 10 Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii / $c by Randolph Rogers
260 Execution date $c 1853-4; carved 1859
300 Dimensions 1 sculpture $b marble $c 54 x 25 1/4 x 37 in (137.2 x 64 x 94 cm)
510 Ref/source 3_ American Sculpture: A Catalogue of the Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Albert TenEyck Gardner, 1965.
510 Ref/source 3_ American Sculpture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. 1, A Catalogue of Works by Artists Born before 1865, Thayer Tolles, ed. Lauretta Dimmick, Donna J. Hasser, 1999.
510 Ref/source 3_ Nineteenth-Century America: Paintings and Sculpture, John K. Howat and Natalie Spaasky, 1970.
510 Ref/source 3_ The Shaping of Art and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century America, Robert Clark, 1972.
510 Ref/source 3_ Randolph Rogers: American Sculptor in Rome, 1971
530 Photo Image on file.
530 3D Object 3D scan and object on file
541 Immediate source of acquisition note $c Gift of $a James Douglas, $d 1899.
562 Marks Signature, at left, on capital: Randolph Rogers, / ROME 1859.
650 Subjects _4 Sculpture (visual work), marble (rock) $x North and Central America and United States $y A.D. 1800-1900
650 Subjects _4 Sculpture (visual work), marble (rock) $x United States and Canada $y A.D. 1800-1900
650 Subjects _4 Sculpture (visual work), marble (rock) $x American Paintings and Sculpture
655 Object type _7 Sculpture (visual work) $2 aat
852 Location 8_ NNMM $e American Wing $c Gallery 700 $e 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10028

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