Example of Multiple Venues "Unison Theater"

The Unison Theater is a 30' x 30' open space that we use for concerts and workshops, and sometimes for meetings and meals. The building was originally a barn, but we renovated it extensively in the 1990s, adding rest rooms and a kitchen, both available for concerts today.

We have a modular stage system, with 8 square sections, 4' x 4' x 1', and two triangular sections. For concerts this is usually set up in a corner, with the chairs fanning out across the room.

We have 90 upholstered chairs for the audience, that conveniently stack for easy set-up and take-down.

"Unison Sculpture Garden"

The Sculpture Garden opened in 1999 thanks to the vision and support of Denny Cooper, a long-time Unison mentor. The sculptures mostly come and go (although we do have a few in our permanent collection), but a constant feature is the Labyrinth, which serves as a platform for sculpture, and as a meditation aid. The entrance to the garden is marked by a large Torii gate, built by Michael Friedman. A smaller gate marks the entry from one field to another. And then there are the critters that we share the garden with, that you can sometimes see when you are very quiet and still.

"Unison's Gallery at Water Street Market"

Unison's Sculpture Walk at Water Street Market

In 2007 Unison and Water Street Market teamed up to offer our community another much-needed venue for the arts. Water Street Market has made the remarkable commitment of donating a gallery for this purpose, and Unison's Gallery can be found halfway down the walk of Water Street Market. Curators Helen Gutfreund and Kat Cappillino mount 10 shows throughout the year exhibiting many of the most talented ceramicists, painters and photographers in our area. They also curate the annual Mini-Works show, an audience "fave" that features as many as 200 works that are no larger than 5" x 5". Look for this show in the Gallery at Water Street Market every September. Unison is very grateful to the management of Water Street Market for the very generous donation of this space, which does so much to showcase the artistic richness of our community. Visit Water Street Market's web site at, and their Facebook group. Now also in its 3rd year, the Sculpture Walk features the work of the following artists: Jay Bedient, Steve Fabrico, Michael Ciccone, William Scholl, Michael Poast, John Cino, David Skora and Chris Curnan. The exhibition was curated by Unison's gallery committee and features many of the artists that are also exhibiting at Unison's Sculpture Garden at their Mountain Rest Road site. Discovering these contemporary works nestled throughout the boutique shops and cafes of Water Street Market only adds to the artistic ambience of this Village within a Village.

Water Street Market, Facebook group

"Unison Gallery"

Unison's gallery uses the same space as the theater. It has about 90' of wall space for display of flat works and small, wall-mounted sculpture.

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