A prototype collection was created in ContentDM to show that this specification could be applied not only to XML documents and relational databases, but also to the kind of flat databases that are in common use with many collection management systems. It is not possible to nest groups of metadata together in ContentDM as it is in XML, so it was important to consider the possibility of numbering repeated fields to allow for relationships between fields. For example, Creator Name 1 and Creator Role 1 fields can be related, with another set using Creator Name 2 and Creator Role 2.

This ContentDM test site is no longer live, but you can click on the links below to view screenshots from the site.

CI58.67.3ab_F ContentDM Instance 1
1880s Bathing Suit from the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
 2001.035-007 ContentDM Instance 3
1920s Bathing Suit from the Vassar College Costume Collection
 436-bikini-front ContentDM Instance 4
1940s Bikini and Jacket from the Australian Dress Register
 AINDIANAIG_10313597590 ContentDM Instance 5
1960s Topless Bathing Suit (Monokini) from the Indianapolis Museum of Art
A screenshot of the landing page for the ContentDM test site. Landing Page
A screenshot of the landing page for the ContentDM test site, showing the Quick View feature. Landing Page with Quick View
A screenshot of the administration page for metadata fields in the ContentDM test site. Metadata Fields Administration Page

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