Global XML Attributes

(from the VRA Core 4.0 Element Description)

Global attributes are optional and may be added to any element or subelement as needed. Definitions are as follows:

  • dataDate refers to the date and/or time a particular piece of data was entered.
  • extent refers to the part of the work, image or collection being described by the element or subelement that it modifies.
  • href refers to a hypertext reference that provides a link to another electronic resource.
  • pref indicates that a particular data value is the preferred value when multiple data values for the same element or subelement exist.
  • refid refers to id numbers or codes coming from the local institution or resource named in the source attribute.
  • rules refers to any data content standards used to construct the value recorded in the element (e.g. AACR2, CCO).
  • source refers to the local, print, or electronic source from which information is derived for a specific element (e.g. Grove Dictionary of Art). Please note: SOURCE is also used as an element and should be used when you want to record a single print or electronic source for information pertaining to the entire record rather than pertaining to individual elements.
  • vocab refers to the controlled vocabulary source from which the term or phrase is recorded (e.g. AAT, LCSH).
  • xml:lang refers to the language in which the information is recorded in the system (e.g. English, French).

Optional subelements: One display and one notes subelement may be added to any element set as needed. Repeatable elements that allow multiple index values are contained, along with the display and notes subelements, within the <elementSet></elementSet> tags.

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