About this blog

Several years and a career shift ago,  I started a blog on WordPress.com called “Costume Storyteller,” and then realized that a lot of what I want to talk about isn’t just for costume people. So I started a more general blog there, called “Idiosyncrasies.” Then in 2012 I went back to school for a second Masters, in Library and Information Science, and that blog became a place for me to share my thoughts as I pursued a new career in Information Science. In 2014 I finally set aside a little time to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog at ardenkirkland.com, so that I could unite my blog with other content, and avoid the occasional ads on WordPress.com. For this self-hosted version I migrated all the content from the WordPress.com blog, which now lives on in both places, but all future content will reside here.

While I don’t officially call the blog “Idiosyncrasies” anymore, it’s still a favorite term that humbly brings together all my diverse interests. I write about digital collections, public history, education, librarianship, and costume/clothing/fashion. Perhaps there will be more to come on other unforeseen subjects in the future.

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