Project Management and Curatorial Portfolio

home page for the ArtOneida website with 5 images of local art


ArtOneida is a celebration of public artwork throughout Oneida County in New York State. As Digital Project Manager, I have worked with Archivist-in-Residence Marc-Anthony Polizzi to research public artwork all across the county for inclusion in an online archive and a commemorative … Continue reading

The Vassar College Costume Collection

I have had a role in managing this research collection of historic clothing since 1991. Working with students and other faculty, I have maintained (and improved) the storage and documentation of this collection of 19th-20th century clothing, housed in the … Continue reading

For Better and For Worse

“For Better and For Worse: Sixteen Decades of Wedding Wear at Vassar,” was held in the spring of 2013. The digital exhibition includes photographs from the exhibition, three-dimensional rotating views of featured objects (objectVRs), personal photographs and stories shared by Vassar community members, a video … Continue reading

Artist in Residence Pilot Program

      As Interdisciplinary Arts Curator, I planned and promoted events for an Artist in Residence pilot program for the visual and performing arts, at Vassar College. This included collaboration not only with the artists, but also with faculty and … Continue reading

Fashioning an Education

“Fashioning an Education: 150 Years of Vassar Students and What They Wore,” was held in the spring of 2011. To celebrate the college’s 150th anniversary, the Vassar College Costume Collection shared student, faculty, and alumnae research about the complex role that … Continue reading

Historic Costume Preservation Workshop

The Vassar College Costume Collection was awarded an NEH Preservation Assistance Grant for Smaller Institutions in the spring of 2010,  to host  a Historic Costume Preservation Workshop. I was the Principal Investigator for this grant. I supervised labs for 14 student … Continue reading

Costume Design Experience

I worked as a freelance Costume Designer from 1989 to 2009. This included designing and constructing costumes for dance, theatre, and film. Managing my own business, I grew accustomed to working on multiple projects simultaneously. My later work focused on academic … Continue reading

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