Research Pie Infographic

an infographic which uses images of pies and cakes and icons of fruit or slices of pie.

“Why have just a slice, when you can have the whole research pie?” This infographic, built using Piktochart, uses a dessert metaphor to help explain the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources. (online interactive) (printable poster)

Fashioning an Education


At a conference about Women’s History in the Digital World at Bryn Mawr College in March 2013, I presented about an online exhibition at Vassar. This was part of a panel about what online representations of historic dress can reveal … Continue reading

Digital Clothing Suite

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 7.54.07 AM

This series of screencasts shows how to use Digital Clothing Suite software to visualize the process of turning a two-dimensional clothing pattern into a three dimensional garment on a moving figure. I created these screencasts as a way of preserving my … Continue reading