Net Neutrality?

Below you’ll find the comment I just submitted to the FCC, as they’re currently accepting public comments about the idea of reclassifying internet access as a public utility, like water or telephone service. The initial period for public comments ends on July 15.

Save the Internet in white text against red backgroundI have been a college level educator for over 20 years, and that work has led me to pursue a new career as a digital librarian. I have seen education revolutionized by the way that the internet has removed countless barriers to accessing information. As a result, we are in the midst of an incredible period of learning for young and old, rich and poor, across the globe. I find it devastating to imagine this progress coming to a screeching halt if Net Neutrality is destroyed. It is obvious to me in my role as an educator that internet access should be reclassified as a public utility, like telephone service or access to clean drinking water, so that our government can regulate the industry and take steps to prevent corporate greed from interfering with our intellectual freedom. My entire career has been based on work with non-profit organizations. As an emerging digital librarian, I am in the midst of building digital collections that provide valuable educational materials to anyone on the internet. Such collections, created by non-profits, can’t afford to pay the fast-lane fees internet service providers will charge if net neutrality is ended. No one but greedy internet service providers can possibly think that this is fair. Libraries are both consumers and producers of information, and without regulation will face huge cost increases both as users and as providers. The end of net neutrality would be a devastating blow to our culture and our democracy.


Updated July 12, 2017: Visit for more information and ongoing activities

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